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Experiencing the Physical Signs of Stress? Follow These Easy Tricks

In today's fast-paced world, stress has become a normal part of life. From students who struggle to submit homework on time to employees who strive to beat the deadlines, stretching themselves too thin and becoming overly fatigued is something that people have to deal with every single day.

Because of these, it's not surprising to know that many folks nowadays experience some (if not all) of the physical signs of stress. Fortunately, if you're going through the same things, there are numerous steps you can take to combat these symptoms. For instance, if you're faced with:

Hair loss

Chronic physiological stress can contribute to hair loss. This is especially true if you experience changes in your diet, activity, and sleep patterns and your body's normal processes get interrupted.

Luckily, if you've noticed that your tresses are falling out in larger amounts than normal and you're left with considerably thinner locks, there are several ways to fix this. One of these is to use tonics and shampoos that are designed to cure hair loss. These products help you maintain good scalp health and may even reduce the number of hair strands that fall out. They also contain ingredients that give volume to your stresses and make them look thicker and healthier.

Handy Hint: Look for hair loss cure products that are made from botanical extracts and are produced in an environment that adheres to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. This way, you know you're buying high-quality items and getting great value for money.

Tense and painful muscles

Your muscles tense and contract whenever you're stressed. If you're in an anxiety-inducing situation for a long time, they can harden, get overly strained and make you feel both dull and sharp aches.

So, if you're stressed out, you'll most likely feel pains in your neck, shoulders, back and other body parts. But don't worry since there are many solutions you can explore, and one of these is to contact us here at the IBC Integrated Healthcare & Wellness Center. We have a Far Infrared Sauna that can help you find relief for joint and muscle pains and improve your blood circulation. We also have a Thermal Full Body Massage System (which you can use to enjoy a warm, relaxing rub-down) and offer effective chiropractic care services to help alleviate neck and back aches as well as other types of pains. With our assistance, you can relax, calm down and feel your stress waft away.

Low energy

Stress can sap your energy and make you feel weary and bone-tired. Fortunately, when this happens, you can do something to put a spring in your step and pep yourself up. Some of the steps you can take include:

  • Eating a high-protein, high-fibre breakfast to stabilise your blood sugar levels and avoid energy crashes.
  • Spreading out your coffee consumption throughout the day (instead of downing one large cup) to stay away from caffeine peaks and lows and maintain your focus and alertness.
  • Drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and avoid further fatigue.
  • Taking short walks to pump up your blood circulation and feel more clear-headed.

Use these tricks to fight the physical effects of stress and stay in tip-top shape!

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